Assistance Developing Marketing Strategy.

Assistance developing an effective Marketing Strategy.

The organization needs assistance developing an effective marketing strategy. You would be working alongside the Public Relations consultant to promote Veteran Connection. I need to get vital information disseminated for corporations, foundations, private donors and impact investors, and the world to see.

It would add tremendously to assisting this organization’s mission to help end homelessness for veterans. Please be experienced with Branding and other essential skills needed to effectively launch a marketing campaign for Veteran Connection.

I plan to allow your creativity to bring to life Veteran Connection, in its marketing aspects. Our ultimate goal at Veteran Connection is to help end the current homeless epidemic going on across the nation. We focus on veterans who are homeless by assisting them in gaining stability, life skills and personal and professional volunteer page

At Veteran Connection, we strive to provide home assistance, educational and employment resources and referrals, and many other programs for all our heroes, especially those who are homeless, disadvantaged, and have little or no income or even exceed income guidelines. These are our heroes who have risked their lives for our freedom and deserve all the support they need. We utilize all resources possible to help fill in the gaps left by other service organizations that help veterans, service members, and their families to improve their lives.


We are unlike other organizations, please check. Thanks for your time and consideration and join me in giving our veterans a “hand up” and the care they deserve! Please be able to commit to a minimum of 2hrs weekly/ 4 months pro bono volunteer services.

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