Experienced Public Relations Volunteer needed

Veterans Connection is seeking an experienced Public Relations manager

Veterans Connection is  looking for someone that is experienced in Public Relations to engage with the various media outlets, (preferably in Miami and St. Louis areas, but can be completed virtually from anywhere) to gain coverage and necessary exposure for Veteran Connection.veteran connection public relations page handshake image

This project is very important for all Americans to address the current homeless veteran epidemic. There need to be more awareness and support to homeless veterans, which is a very noble and worthwhile cause. Your time in volunteering would show your empathy and compassion to those who have served their country with their selflessness and courage.

I have previous work in the form of YouTube ads made by another Public Relations person. You would be the one implementing the project and showcasing your expertise.

I am in hopes that you have no problem working with others. This has been a huge challenge for this organization in the past, so please let us know if you are a team player or want to work on this project solo, thanks for your time and we need your volunteerism at Veteran Connection.

Unlike other Organizations

We are unlike other organizations, please check. Thanks for your time and consideration and join me in giving our veterans a “hand up” and the care they deserve! Please be able to stick with us for at least 6-9 months, be able to use the project management tool Freed Camp to communicate your progress, and be committed to excellence and professionalism to this project.

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