The game works like this:


54 standard deck cards are placed face down on a board and numbered on the back. You can  buy one ticket for $5, six tickets for $22, or $40 for fifteen tickets. Write your name and a number from 1 to 54 on your ticket.

Each week, one ticket is chosen from the giant barrel for the Queen of Hearts drawing.  The card number matching the number written on the ticket is flipped over.

If the card uncovered doesn’t expose the Queen of Hearts, the card is deemed out of play, exposed and the jackpot rolls over until the next week.  Remaining tickets will remain in the drum, so always purchase several tickets to increase your chances.

If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the lucky person wins 50 percent of the jackpot.  Winner will be texted, called on telephone and announced on Facebook pages for Veteran Connection and Vet Connect Club.  If the winner is not present, he or she has 24 hours from the time the Queen of Hearts is drawn to respond.  If no response is received within the time frame and not claimed by the winner, the raffle starts over, with the starting jackpot to be determined.

You can buy Queen of Hearts tickets below or at the drawing sites–Watch this page for drawing locations as we schedule them.

As an added bonus, if you donate online below,  you are also entered into the Second Chance drawing.  The winner of the Second Chance drawing takes home half the online-donation pot while the other half is distributed to local charities and organizations participating in the event.

Queen of Hearts Drawing
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