Veteran Connection does its work on our own with fundraising efforts and personal funds.

What we do is:

  • Help fill in the gaps of veterans services by working alongside partners, sponsors and supporters of the armed forces.
  • Help veterans and their families with resources and referrals to community and veteran service organizations.
  • Provides extensive case management to direct it’s participants to services within the community.

We have a new initiative, VC Focus Now Groups to analyze the current gaps in services that will ultimately substantiate the Needs Analysis.  These engagements will ultimately show evidence of where the current gaps exist and what the recommendations for improvement are.

What makes VC different from the rest:  We are not a federally funded or sponsored program.  We do not have HUD stringent guidelines and restrictions due to income, character of service or era served.  If we were under HUD, then we would be limited and be just like the other organizations that do not include all veterans of this country, who just somewhat cater to the “low income”. There are no financial guidelines of how little or much (within reason) can be made to receive our services.

What we are doing in the future:  Aggressive fundraising through the Queen of Hearts raffle events at our HQ’s and branches. We have a partnership with Wells Fargo who provide foreclosed homes to be turned into transitional housing for veterans not eligible to receive services through outside organizations or foundations.  We have a long way to go yet the race doesn’t go to the swift, but to the ones who endure.